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12/3/2020 8:23:38 PM General
Corridor MPO Awards Linn Co and City of Marion Federal Planning Funds

The Corridor MPO has awarded federal planning funds to the City of Marion and Linn County. In October, the MPO’s Policy Board allocated $40,000 to Marion’s project and $55,000 towards Linn County’s project.

The intent of these funds is to provide the MPO’s member jurisdictions access to planning dollars for a transportation focused plan, project, or study that may otherwise not be possible.

Funding awarded to the City of Marion is for the Indian Creek Recreation Access Concept Plan. The intent of this plan is to present proposed improvements to the Indian, Dry, and Wanatee creek corridors to attract future funding for recreational access. This will provide community leaders with the information necessary to move forward with the process of funding and implementing improvement projects to reconnect the community to their natural water resources. The plan will include visual graphics of specific locations for stream access improvements with plan views, design renderings, cost estimates, and brief text narratives describing the existing conditions and elements of the proposed improvements for each site.

Funding awarded to Linn County is for a study looking at conceptual design and engineering of the Highway 100 Bridge over the Cedar River. The County hopes that the bridge, to be called the Biechler Bridge, can utilize the existing piers left from the railroad bridge that was destroyed in the 2008 flood. The study will look into the viability and condition of the existing bridge piers and will also produce a minimum of three alternate designs based upon the piers’ structural viability. Preliminary cost estimates and analysis reports will also be prepared for each of the three alternate, conceptual designs.

About the Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization

The Corridor Metropolitan Planning Organization (MPO) was established in 1964 to serve as the regional transportation agency for the Cedar Rapids metro area. Currently, the Corridor MPO allocates approximately $5.2 million annually to our member jurisdictions for road, trail, and transit projects. The Corridor MPO is made up of representatives from Cedar Rapids, Ely, Fairfax, Hiawatha, Linn County, Marion, Palo, and Robins.