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5/4/2021 8:56:18 PM Member News
ImOn Communications Distributes 200 Trees Through Planting Forward Program

Last week ImOn Communications distributed 200 trees through the Planting Forward program, thanks to the Monarch Research Group, a Marion, IA non-profit.  ImOn employees were offered two trees for their properties and one to give to a friend, neighbor, or family member.  More than 70 ImOn employees picked up trees last Friday and Saturday during a drive-through event at ImOn’s warehouse, and nearly 50 employees gifted trees to others.  In addition, ImOn donated eight trees for the grounds of the ImOn Ice Arena and held a drawing to give ten lucky ImOn customers an oak tree. 

“ImOn was happy to have the opportunity to participate in The Planting Forward program, as it aligns with our company’s Three Cs,” said Patrice Carroll, CEO of ImOn Communications.  “Giving these trees was a great way for ImOn to connect with our colleagues, our customers, and our community.”

ImOn was contacted by the Monarch Research Group late in 2020 about participating in the Planting Forward program this Spring.  All the trees and shrubs distributed through the program are native species and contribute to the crucial ecosystem for birds and pollinators.

“We appreciate ImOn’s participation in the Planting Forward program,” stated Clark McLeod of The Monarch Research Group. “Looking forward, Fall is a great time to plant for a number of reasons, and for Linn County, it gives us a chance to clean up and plan for September and October Planting.  We will start organizing the Fall Planting Forward employers and landowners in May; if you are interested in participating, contact us at”